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Event Winners

Congratulations to the Winners of Happy Event Lottery:

#1st Place: 13D Sun +7 Weapon Winner=PureBlooD

#2nd Place: 13D Moon +7 Weapon Winner=Irena

#3rd Place: 13D Moon +5 Weapon Winner=xxx

Changelog 05.07.2020

--Increased Stack of Drug of Typhoon to 100
--Increased Stack of Purification Pills (X-Large) to 100
--Removed Time Travel Dungeon Isy
--Added Time Travel Dungeon Lord Yarkan
--Removed Happy Event
--Added Sun Weapon Changer
--You can buy them at Sun Weapon Shop

Changelog 04.07.2020

We have decided to increase the IP Limit to 8, because most of the Players voted for that.

 Also we are going to change the Free Silk System.

Vote 4 Silk will be increased to 35 Silks every 12 Hours(70 Silk Every 24 Hours), and Silk/Hour will be removed.

To prevent abusing Silk/Hour with 8 Chars.

Thank you, Back2Sro Team.

Changelog 29.06.2020

Changelog 29.06.2020
--Changed Godbless Price to 600 Silk
--Removed Time Travel Dungeon Uruchi
--Added Time Travel Dungeon Isy
--Added CTF
    --Every Kill will gives you 1 Job Coin.
--Added Information NPC's for new Players at start Position
--Added Silk Scrolls in Item Mall
--Increased Medusa Dungeon
--Added Rewards for Unique Kills

Tiger Girl, Uruchi,

Cerberus, Captain Ivy,

Isyataru, Lord Yarkan,

Demon Shaitan

10 Silk, Reverse Return Scrolls

Titan Uniques

3 Silk

Yuno,Jupiter, The Earth

1x 12D Sun Weapon +5, 2x Reverse Return
Medusa 50-70 Silks,1x 13D Moon Weapon, 5x Global, 5x Reverse Return

Happy Event

Server Info

  • Player Online 138 / 999
  • Cap: 130
  • Degree: 13
  • Race: CH/EU
  • Guild Limit: 32
  • Union Limit: 4
  • Max Plus: 15
  • Fortress: Jangan / Bandit
  • BattleArena: Enabled
  • CTF: Enabled
  • Free Bot: sBot/mBot
  • Server Files: vsro v1.188
  • Server Type: PVE
  • Trade: Old

Server Timers

  • Server Time: 00:01:40
  • CTF:
  • Medusa:
  • Fortress war:
  • Register: Everyday 00:01 - 23:59


Last 5 Unique Kills

  • Funa has killed Thief Boss Kalia 24 mins ago

  • _Seena_ has killed Isyutaru 1 hour ago

  • _Seena_ has killed Lord Yarkan Titan 1 hour ago

  • _Seena_ has killed Lord Yarkan Titan 1 hour ago

  • _Seena_ has killed Lord Yarkan Titan 1 hour ago