Start your adventure today in the wonderful world of Back2Sro

1. Advertisement (In Any Chat, Even PM if Reported)
You cannot advertise any Other servers/Links.

-1st Attempt of Advertising other Games : Ban
-1st Attempt of Posting Another Link : Ban

2. Insulting
You are not allowed to Insult any (person/religion/The Game itself) Ingame/Discord server.

-1st Attempt: Mute
-2nd Attempt: Temporary Block
-3rd Attempt: Permanent Block

3. Selling/Buying for Real Money
You are not allowed to Sell/Buy anything ingame for real money, This also include exchanging items in other servers. You are not allowed To exchange any item from Another server to Back2Sro or from Back2Sro to another server.

-1st Attempt: Temporary Block (14 - 30 Days)
-2nd Attempt: Permanent Block

4. Bug Abuse Using Any ingame Bugs And not reporting it will Lead you to have a Temporary Block (With deleting the Items you have owned with using the Bug if There is Exists items)

-1st Attempt: Temporary Block (Admin's Decision)
-2nd Attempt: Permanent Block

5. Spreading Rumors Spreading rumors and/or unconfirmed reports related to game or service, bullying-flaming the server,
This will lead you to have Temporary/Permanent block depends on Admin's Decision.

6. Botting
You are allowed to bot any where, Botting on the Unique spawn spots is Hardly forbidden, (Leaving AFK bot in the Unique spot is forbidden, Attacking the unique with bot is Not forbidden)

-1st Attempt: Temporary Block (Admin's Decision)
-2nd Attempt: Permanent Block

7. Using Safe-zone / Non-Cape buffers
Abusing safe zone buffers or buffers without cape is forbidden, (Buffing During PVP without cap on or in Safe zone)

-1st Attempt: Temporary Block (Admin's Decision)
-2nd Attempt: Permanent Block

8. PK.
You are allowed to PK anyplayer anywhere.

Server Info

  • Player Online 97 / 999
  • Cap: 130
  • Degree: 13
  • Race: CH/EU
  • Guild Limit: 32
  • Union Limit: 4
  • Max Plus: 15
  • Fortress: Jangan / Bandit
  • BattleArena: Enabled
  • CTF: Enabled
  • Free Bot: sBot/mBot
  • Server Files: vsro v1.188
  • Server Type: PVE
  • Trade: Old

Server Timers

  • Server Time: 20:40:43
  • CTF:
  • Medusa:
  • Fortress war:
  • Register: Everyday 00:01 - 23:59


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