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Changelog 01.06.2020:

--Increased Sox Drop Rate for Normal Monsters
--Added Time Travel Dungeon Tiger Girl
--Changed Immortal Price back to normal
--Fixed Auto Equip Button
--Added Old World Dungeon for fast lvl up to lvl 115
       --You will find the Teleport in Downhang
--Added Shadowland Dungeon
       --You will find the Teleport in Downhang
       --You will drop 1 or 2 Gift Boxes from last Unique
       --Use them to get a Random Moon or Nova Item
--Added Magic Pop Cards drop to High Uniques
--Added 2 world Uniques lvl 125.
--Added 1 more spawn time for Job Temple Uniques
More Informations in FAQ

Changelog for the 25.05.2020:

--Increased the 13D Nova Drop Rate
--Added new Zerk Titles, check Title Store
--Increased Speed and HP from Behemot
--Added HP/MP Grains to Potion Merchant
--Increased HP/MP Grain Stack to 500
--Added Old Skill Effect for Chinese
--Added Special Immortal offer in Item Mall for one week.
--Decreased some teleport restriction. (Alex: Level 90) (Baghdad: Level 112)
--Removed Time Travel Dungeon Isy
--Added Time Travel Dungeon Lord Yarkan
--Changed Astral. If a Item Fails with Astral on it, the Item will be +7.


--Removed Time Travel Dungeon Uruchi
--Added Time Travel Dungeon Isyutaru
--Fixed Quest Bug
--Added Solution for AP Button
--You will get a Notice how much AP Thiefs and Hunter/Trade have
--Added new Daily Quest NPC
--Sell Price for 13D Normal Items is now 500k
--Added World Quest
--Fixed Def of Raid Uniques
--You will get one World Quest everyday
--Added new Daily Exp Quest
   -- Kill 500 Monsters: Uneg or Temple Baby Lion or Canyon Iblis

--Added new Devil Sprit Z Grade(18% HP/MP):
    --Go and find Buddhist Priest Kushyan somewhere in Roc Mountain
        --There you get the Quest for the Devil Spirit Recipe.


--Get the Material to craft the Devil Spirit Z Grade
    --Forgotten Power: World Quest
    --Mystic Jewel: World Quest
    --Cursed Key: World Quest
    --Blue Peal: Downhang Potion Merchant




--Fixed About Guild

--Added Tax Period everyday 8 PM to 9 PM Server Time

--Added FW IP Limit 1

--Added Reverse Return for Gold in Downhang Potion

--Added Guild Penatly Remove Scroll to Downhang Potion

--Added new Special Area with IP Limit 1 more information on http://back2sro.fun/detail-faq.html

--Socket Stones now useable on 13D Items

--Changed the speed of Trans Pets

--Changed size of Fellow Pet Ostrich

--All Coins are storeable now

--Changed some Item Prices

--Increased Stackable of some Items

--Removed Time Travel Dungeon Ivy

--Added Time Travel Dungeon Uruchi

--Added new + 8 Glow

Signature Event

Signature Event winners:

1000 Silk: Jegethy
500 Silk: FonCloroForm, OnlyRipper, Tokyo
100 Silk: DrStrange,_Egy___MooN_,Olivia,Lumineeres,HighDude,Sharpshooter,ACE,Noxh,DrDisRespect,TheFallen

All others will get 50 Silk.

Thanks for your participation

Back2Sro Team

Server Info

  • Player Online 97 / 999
  • Cap: 130
  • Degree: 13
  • Race: CH/EU
  • Guild Limit: 32
  • Union Limit: 4
  • Max Plus: 15
  • Fortress: Jangan / Bandit
  • BattleArena: Enabled
  • CTF: Enabled
  • Free Bot: sBot/mBot
  • Server Files: vsro v1.188
  • Server Type: PVE
  • Trade: Old

Server Timers

  • Server Time: 20:48:49
  • CTF:
  • Medusa:
  • Fortress war:
  • Register: Everyday 00:01 - 23:59


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